What to do if you have put the wrong fuel into your car

Put the wrong fuel in your car?

 Unfortunately, it happens. A momentary loss of concentration could cause a loss of Thousands. Around 150,000 people in Britain make the same mistake.

So, you have filled up to the brim with the wrong fuel and now you are starting to panic. Well if you haven’t tried to start your engine yet this is great news. More than likely all you will need is the incorrect fuel pumping out. Below are the steps you should take in this scenario.

If you have NOT started your engine.

1. Let staff know.

Leave your vehicle where it is and walk into the fuel station kiosk. Inform a member of staff of the issue and if you catch them on a good day they will assist by placing cones around the pump to stop others cueing behind you.

2. Contact your breakdown cover.

Your specialist from your breakdown service will be able to drain the incorrect fuel from your vehicle’s tank.

3. Contact your insurance company.

You may need to claim through your insurance to cover the cost of getting this issue resolved. (Note, some policies don’t cover accidental misfuel issues) Insurance, that what it’s there for right.

If you have already started your engine.

1. Turn off the engine and pull over ASAP!

Continuing to drive your vehicle will cause more internal damage. in the early stages, you may feel your engine juddering, your engine stops and even excess smoke from your exhaust pipe.

2. Contact your breakdown cover.

Inform them that the engine has been started and you have driven (X) miles.

3. Play the waiting game.

Grab a coffee is possible and await the recovery teams arrival.

If the damage is too great to repair on site. Your recovery personnel will offer transport to a garage of your choice.

This exact mistake happens nearly every 2.5 minutes. Just remember, next time you are queuing for fuel and somebody is just sitting in their vehicle. Don’t lose your temper. They may have miss fuelled their vehicle.


  1. If possible, instead of or waiting at the fuel pump. Push your vehicle into a parking space nearby.
  2. Do NOT make a phone call in your vehicle whilst next to the pump!
  3. Make sure you remember to pay for that incorrect fuel you have put into your car.
  4. Accidents happen. Try not to get to annoyed with yourself. You are not the first to make this error.