Terms & Conditions

PaintNation Automotive   

Rev 2 08/20

Repair Guarantee Terms and conditions

Our Guarantee is something we are extremely proud to offer. We are so confident in our repair ability and the products we use we put our name on it. We stand by our customers and if in the unlikely event there is an issue with your repair please know that we will put it right assuming the following is agreed to.

Any mention of the following refers to PaintNation Repairs LTD; “WE”, or “US”

We have simplified our Ts&Cs to make it much easier to read. Once your repair is complete you will be given an invoice. This invoice MUST be kept as proof of work. We can not acknowledge a claim without seeing it.

Need to claim?

Upon noticing any issue or defect with your repair immediate contact within a reasonable timeframe (E.g within 3 working days ) must be made to minimise the possibility of anything getting worse. Ways of contact are listed below;

  • Email to Info@paintnation.co.uk
  • Phone call to either 0333 000 3232 or 07444191517
  • Text or WhatsApp messenger to 07444191517

Please allow up to 48 hours so we can verify and schedule a return appointment.

Once the rework appointment has been completed the invoice must be displayed to the repair technician and a note will be added by the technician regarding any information related to the rework. We must be allowed to rework the panel(s)  in the same location as the original repair. If the rework appointment needs to be rescheduled due to the weather or other world events we hold the right to do so.

All paintwork carried out is covered under our promise guarantee with a few exceptions as listed below:

  • We do not offer any guarantee against rust/corrosion (this includes any rust/corrosion present at the point of repair or after)
  • Stone chip touch-ups are not covered by any guarantee. They are simply offered and advertised as weatherproof and disguise.
  • If a repair has previously been carried out on the area in question.
  • There are already signs of a paintwork defect on the area in question (damage to the same panel that isn’t being repaired)
  • Damage caused by a high pressure hose

Immediate termination of guarantee.

If any of the following happens the agreement set in place by us will be terminated immediately.

  • Payment(s) deferred or refunded
  • The area inherits additional damage including but not limited to “Paint chips, dents, cracked paintwork, poorly protected paint (no wax)”
  • An additional repair is carried out by another company on the affected area.
  • A DIY repair has been attempted.
  • Failure to attend or cancel an appointment on the day scheduled appointment will result in a charge of £50. (Note, this charge only applies if we have commuted to you and have arrived at the location arranged prior)

End of lease

If a repair has been carried out of your lease vehicle and there is an issue with the repair, we can try to arrange a rework at the company’s address should they allow. Failing this we will refund “ONLY” the  amount paid to us or the bill from the end of lease bill ( which ever is less). This will be paid to the original payees account within 5 working days of the initial claim been received. If payment was made via any other means we will request the account details of the person(s) named on the invoice only. We also require the end of lease inspection report clearly outlining that the area in question matches the invoiced area.